Michael Cobb

  • Saturday, April 7
    Worldwide Real Estate Market and Investment Opportunities | Developers Panel
    9:00 am - 11:30 am
    Congress - Fairmont

Michael Cobb

ECI Development

Michael Cobb, chairman and CEO of ECI Development, is an authoritative voice about the challenges of navigating Central America’s complex business system, and building waterfront resorts during good times and bad. As a go-to source, he has been quoted in major news stories in such prestigious forums as Forbes, Business Week and London Telegraph as well as on BBC-World Television. He is an active blogger weekly columnist for Escape Artist. Among the highlights are:


  • Guest column in London’s The Telegraph
  • Quoted in Forbes 2009 Retirement Guide, headlined: “Is Nicaragua the Next Retirement Paradise?”
  • Quoted in Business Week, “How Will Ortega Use the Office?”
  • Guest columns in Travel World News and Caribbean Property Investor
  • Quoted in the International Medical Travel Journal in “Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama: Medical Tourism Opportunities in South America”
  • Quoted and pictured in the Pittsburgh Business Times and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


  • Hosted “Mike’s Gringo Life in Nicaragua” on Overseas Radio Network
  • Interviewed on BBC-World feature on television, answering the over-arching question: “Tourism: Its potential for economic development is massive but we test different models and ask, what kind of jobs does it provide and who are the real winners?”
  • Interviewed on Canal 13: Ortega’s Perspectives on Sustainable Development
  • Interview on Glen Meakem’s radio talk show
  • Repeated voice for Nicaragua with ProNicaragua Promotion Agency


  • Live and Invest Overseas: Featured speaker 8-10 conferences per year
  • NAR: Annual Conference Speaker twice, IRC twice and frequent CIPS presenter and educator.
  • Hemispheres Publishing: Keynote speaker and featured speaker Annual President’s Week Conference 1998 – Present
  • International Living: Featured speaker 80+ conferences 1994 to present
  • Semester at Sea: Guest lecturer on Challenges to Economic Development
  • Misc: Oxford Club, Agora Financial, Sovereign Society, Stansberry Research.

Blogging/Social Media

  • GlobalPittsburgh.com posting, headlined “The Baby Boomer Boil Over?”
  • “20 Critical ‘Must Ask’ Questions When Buying Real Estate Overseas” article series
  • LinkedIn and Facebook blogging on myriad sites