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  • Saturday, April 22
    Session 4: China’s US Gold Rush
    9:00 am - 10:15 am
    Miami - Four Seasons Miami

James Wright

Century 21 All Island

My career path, no matter where I started in an organization, ultimately lead to a leadership role. In many cases I ended up running the firm I started working for.

Once I saw the potential to grow in real estate and the lack of obstacles to success I was like a duck to water. The work isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s rewarding and the more hours you spend at it, the more success comes your way.

I opened my first office in September 1993 in a down real estate market for Hawaii. After four years of hard work and no profit I finally showed a small profit in 1997. After sitting in a seminar on mergers and acquisitions I began merging or acquiring firms ultimately adding 18-firms to our Hawaii operations.

Working in Hawaii I found my firm helping clients from The Americas, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, India and many other countries. Hawaii is a vacation and recreation paradise that attracts over 8 million visitors a year. No smog & blue skies.

I began travelling to different countries attending  conferences and seminars to learn what each  country had to offer. Our firm began an osmosis  to become a destination firm for foreign nationals.  Today we speak or write 33 languages and work with  foreign nationals daily.

Our firm handles the full range of real estate functions from standard residential sales, resort and second home sales, land, commercial sales & leasing, property management, educational services, development and international client services.

Today I work primarily with investors, business leaders and individuals seeking to purchase luxury homes, vacation villas, and investment properties.

Whether you want to own a hotel or casino, apartment or office  building, restaurant, gold mine or a luxury home – I can help.

I constantly look for opportunities that can add value to my client’s portfolio and help build them a financially secure future.


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